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Minister Barmak to Share Probe Results of Kabul Hotel Attack Soon: MoI

(Last Updated On: January 25, 2018)

The Interior Ministry on Thursday said that the security institutions’ investigation over the weekend’s attack on Intercontinental Hotel in capital Kabul has been finalized, soon it will share the results to public.

Sources told Ariana News that the probe team which included representatives from National Directorate of Security, and Interior & Defense ministries have assessed complex angles of the attack on the hotel.

 However, the Interior Ministry  Deputy Spokesman Nusrat Rahimi said that the final report of the investigation will be shared to public by the Interior Minister, Wais Ahmad Barmak at a press conference in Kabul soon.

This comes a day after President Ghani received report on findings of  initial  probe over Kabul Intercontinental Hotel attack and he ordered further “comprehensive” investigation to identify security lapses.

The Kabul-Balkh Safety and Security company which was given the security responsibility of the hotel, has refused to make comment on the incident despite of repeated requests.

Commenting on the weekend’s hotel attack, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah stressed that there is no deference between the Taliban, Haqqani Network or Daesh, saying these groups are committed to terrorist acts.

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