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Militants Want to Turn Afghanistan into Another Karbala – Ghani

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2018)

President Ashraf  Ghani on Thursday warned that militants seek to create sectarian and ethnic divide in Afghanistan, insisting that it is a “major threat” against the nation.

Ghani made the remarks at an Ashura ceremony held in Dasht-e-Barchi, west of Kabul, where, recently, the Islamic State militant group has carried out a number of deadly attacks.

 Condemning the attacks in west of Kabul, Ghani urged the people to get mobilized against such attacks and cooperate in maintaining security of the city.

“The blood of a Shia and a Sunni has the same color, in this country the Pashuns and the Tajiks have the same fate. The honor of Hazara and Uzbeks is the honor of all,” he said. 

The president said Yazids of the current time wanted to turn Afghanistan into another Karbala by staging attacks on mosques, schools, academic centers and public gatherings.

 “The Yazids of our time want to turn Afghanistan into another Karbala, but the Afghans’ unity would not let them succeed,” he said.

 Separately, Second Vice President Sarwar Danish said that the government is committed to hold a countrywide elections in the country.

“We are making efforts for equality of all ethnic sects, a responsive government can never act solely,” he said.

The officials stressed that the government has taken steps to ensure the security of Kabul particularly in western parts of the city.

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