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Militants Kill 33 Civilians In Ghor Province

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2016)

ghorLocal officials in Ghor province have stated that Daesh militants have killed the 33 civilians whom were taking as hostage few days ago where young boys were among them, saying they were sheep herders, the relatives of the victims have warned the Government to find the perpetrators of the case otherwise we will not bury the corpses.

Hassan Hakimi, provincial head of civil society organizations said that these people were kidnapped by the Taliban militants yesterday, but a the group rejected the allegation in a statement adding they were saddened by the incident.

According to the reports, the Afghan forces have rushed to Ghelmain and Murghab areas and have clashed with the militants in order to rescue the kidnapped civilians.

Hakimi added that the son of a Taliban commander was killed during the clashes with governmental forces and then Taliban have opened guns on all 33 civilians in their custody.

Most of the dead people were shepherded, the source concluded.

At the same time provincial governor spokesman Abdul Hai Khatibi said militants linked to the Islamic State group have killed the civilians in the central province of Ghor.

Khatibi added that militants are belong to commander Farooq who had announced allegiance to Daesh before he was killed.

Islamic State group has yet to make a comment about the report.

Governor of Ghor Ghulam Nasir Khazay said,” Same militants had killed one college student, 4 civilians and one bride in the past.”

Ghor resident Ali said,” It’s clear that who launches the terrorist activities in our province, but the local officials do not re act against them, We will not bury the corpse and we will continue to our protest till the investigation team arrive in to launch investigation.”

Based on the officials in Ghor Qari Rahmatullah, Farooq, Alladin are the Taliban commanders who cooperate Daesh militants to launch their terrorist activities in Ghor province, though special envoy were sent on the scene for further investigation but the results were not shared with the media.


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