Middle Asia Good Alternative for Pakistani Commodities: Naab

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2016)

1Afghanistan Ambassador to Turkmenistan Mirwais Naab has declared that the middle Asian countries specially Turkmenistan is good alternative for importing foods and goods comparing to Pakistan, the statement was made amid that the Pakistan and Afghanistan mutual business ties has been deteriorated.

He insisted that ensuring security within the joint border is one of the priorities of both countries for exchanging goods and growing economy.

Pakistan has been exerting pressures on Afghan Government by blocking the business routes towards Afghan businessmen, in most cases Pakistani military forces have stopped Afghan businessmen convoys with no reason which has financially damaged the economy of the country and our traders.

Afghan Ambassador to Turkmenistan Mirwais Naab said,” We have been experiencing problems coming from Pakistan side, Pakistan was using blocking business routes as political pressures, but Turkmenistan is good alternative for Pakistani goods specially wheat, we need to decrease our demands purchasing wheat from Pakistan, currently we have demanded huge amount wheat from Turkmenistan Government.”

Further he insisted that ensuring security within the joint borders is the demands of both countries for growing business.

“ Afghanistan is facing serious threats which has the regional dimensions , the way of ensuring security for the neighboring countries is important, though we have discussed the security issues with Turkmenistan officials, we have been cooperating each other on security issues and have gained some achievements on improving of growing economy and business Afghanistan Ambassador to Turkmenistan Mirwais Naab said,”

If Afghanistan focuses on the middle Asian countries goods and foods with good quality and low prices Pakistan won’t be capable to use exerting pressures by blocking the business routes.

Reported by Rafi Sediqee

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