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Media Commission of IEC releases Final Monitoring Report

(Last Updated On: December 09, 2014 3:37 pm)


Media Commission of Independent Election Commission believes that without reforms in Electoral Law and Electoral Systems people participation in the upcoming elections will be very weak.

The Commission presented their final 2014  elections media monitoring report and asked to form a permanent Media Commission for IEC.

According to Afghan Electoral Law the Electoral Media Commission shall be formed 90 days ahead of Elections Day and shall be ended 45 days after the final election results.

Acting Head of IEC Media Commission, Hashmatullah Radfar said,” with the current situation, current law, current system, and the existing formation, we cannot organize elections, if happens we will be witnessed a weak participation of people to polling stations.”

He further added,” International Community is committed to provide support for Afghan elections only if we reform the electoral law and electoral system. The President should sign a legislative decree inquiring reforms in Electoral Law.”

The Commission provided 16 challenges and 11 recommendations to IEC on their final report, asking IEC for permanent commission’s work and more authorities while monitoring the media during elections.

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