MCIT Launches New Program to Collect Credit Cards Taxes

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2017)

CaptureOfficials in Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) will launch a new program to collect 10 percent of taxes of credit cards being used by the consumers of the Telecommunication companies each time, saying the new program will be accountable to show clear amount of money gathered in every single accounts.

Acting Minister of Communication and Information Technology Ahmad Shah Saadat said, “Work are underway over the new program, according to procurement policy the contract will be advertised for two weeks who ever companies are interested will present their proposals to the Ministry of Economy.”

Further he insisted that the new program will bring transparency and clearly tells us the amount of taxes collected from the credit cards.

“The program will bring transparency, and it will clearly tell us the amount of money collected from the taxes of credit cards.” Acting Minister of Communication and Information Technology said.

Meanwhile officials at Department of Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA) hesitated to confirm or reject corruption in collecting 10 percent of taxes from the credit cards in the past.

Deputy of the Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority Sailab Amiri said, “Neither we had accessed program collecting taxes, nor we had launched the program, but we will have fully supervision from the new program to clearly indicate the amount of taxes collected of 10 percent of credit cards.”

Earlier thousands of cell phone users had criticized over 10 percent of taxation on credit cards saying their taxes were not being collected within the Government accounts, due to a lot or criticisms the Government of Afghanistan has suspended the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Abdul Razaq Wahidi from his duty.

Reported by: Liday Naizi

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