Mazar inhabitant’s plan to vote in large numbers during upcoming elections

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2013)

Dozens of northern Balkh inhabitants complained that their representatives in the Parliament have failed in the past decade to work for the province.
At a gathering to discuss the provincial council, people complained that lawyers wrongly used their power and money to enter Parliament and hadn’t done a good job representing the people.  He said, “The votes of the people are not considered and lawyers with power and money become Members of Parliament.”
Ibrahim Zada, a representative of Balkh, said in the House of Representatives, lawyers considered people’s problems and have represented the people to the government, but people have ignored their work and chosen to complain instead.
“The main problem is that the laws that are approved in parliament are does not implemented correctly. The law is not properly applied to the powerful and the law works only against the poor people,” he added. More than eight months remain before the presidential election and provincial councils and Balkh residents insist the people will be involved and will be ready to vote in the upcoming elections.

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