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‘May 2019 Will Be the End of My Presidency’: Ghani

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2018)

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says based on the constitution his term as president will end in 22nd May 2019, insisting that the upcoming parliamentary and Presidential elections will be held on time in the country.

Speaking in the fifth international symposium of Afghan women held on Monday in the Presidential Palace (ARG), Ghani said that May 2019 will be the end of his presidency and that thereafter, having a presidential election is a must.

“22nd May 2019 will be the end of my presidency and the constitution should be executed on me; therefore, we must have essential preparation for the election,” he said, “Those who sabotage the election [in fact] they sabotage stability [of the country].”

The symposium titled “A thriving society is built upon the combined efforts of responsible citizens and a dependable government” is expected to continue for three days.  At the event, first lady Rula Ghani stressed on Afghan women’s role in the society.

“Afghan women have political plans and in the past, we were receiving the budget for these plans from the international organizations, but now the Afghan government is providing this budget,” Rula Ghani said.

She considered the symposium an important platform for exchanging views between female participants from different parts of the country.

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