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Massoud Tells Taliban to Stop ‘Killing Civilians’ If They Are Afghan

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2019)

Presidential candidate Ahmad Wali Massoud said on Wednesday if the Taliban are Afghans they should stop killing civilians.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Kabul, Mr. Massoud emphasized that Taliban militants should directly engage with the Afghan security forces in battlefields.

“I’m calling on those who have imposed suicide explosions over the people of Afghanistan that they have hurt every single Afghan. If you are Afghan, then stop killing people,” he said.

Mr. Massoud claimed that the ruling electoral team, apparently referring to President Ashraf Ghani, is trying to rule another term by committing fraud.

“There are a lot of problems. Some people are trying to steal people’s vote under the name of election and are trying to become the ruler once again. The situation is not ready for holding a transparent election,” he said.

In addition, he criticized the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders for their failure to resolve the ongoing challenges in the country during their service term in the last five years.

He urged people to make a wise decision for their future and in order to bring positive changes in the situation of the country.

By: Hesamuddin Hesam

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