Many Voters Likely to ‘Miss Voting Process’ on Election Day

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2018)

Based on an assessment of the election observers, many voters likely to be deprived of casting their votes on Election Day due to the voting process which takes time.

The assessment shows that the process for a voter to cast his/her vote takes at least three minutes and overall 180 people might get the opportunity to cast their votes in a polling center on Election Day – if last for nine hours.

“The time for a voter is not accurately specified. Every voter will take at least three minutes and until evening many voters will not get the time to vote,” said Yusuf Rashid, Head of FEFA.

According to election observers, the usage of biometric system in the voting process takes time and therefore, many voters might come short in the voting process. 

“The counting process of votes may begin at 09:00 pm because the biometric process takes time and many voters might get late to vote. We can’t guarantee the transparency of the elections in this situation,” said Habibulllah Shinwari, a member of TEFA.

The Independent Election Commission (IEC), however, said that the might extend the voting process if the biometric process proved taking more time for a voter to cast vote.

“If it was necessary we might voting time on Election Day,” said Sayed Hafizulllah Hashimi, a member of the IEC.

The official, meanwhile, confirmed that some of their staff might not have a proper familiarity to use the biometric devices on Election Day and it might slow the voting process in the first hours of Election Day.

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