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Maiwand District Attack claimed 17 causalities

(Last Updated On: December 08, 2014 2:14 pm)

KandaharA group of armed militants wearing police uniforms have stormed in security headquarter of Maiwand district of Kandahar Province early mid noon on Monday.

The Governor spokes person Samim Khpulwak has confirmed the attack and said ,”one suicide bomber has detonated his explosive vest at the Mainwand district security headquarter entrance the other two have began to fight with Afghan security forces.

Ariana news reporter Barialay Rahimi told fighting ended after one hour of resistances.

As the result of the armed attack 5 suicide attackers wearing police uniform, one police officer and 4 civilians were killed, 7 civilians including 3 police forces were injured in the attack took place in Maiwand district police headquarter of Kandahar Province early this afternoon.

Ariana news reporter Barialay Rahimi told fighting ended now police forces control the area.

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