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MAIL seeks development of Soybean cultivation in country

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2016)


Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation Livestock (MAIL) wants to build a Soybean factory in the country.

Officials in MAIL say they are trying to grow and develop a plant that is useful to eliminate malnutrition.

The Korean government has announced a contribution of $ 5 million to build a Soybean factory in Kabul.

“With building this factory we can produce three types of Soy milk to the market,” Lutfullah Rashid, spokesman of MAIL said.

A number of traders with expressing optimisms have said that developing Soybean plant is very effective in economic growth and eliminating malnutrition.

When complete, the factory is expected to be able to manufacture shelf-stable soymilk for nationwide marketing and distribution. In addition, chickenfeed will be produced from the residual soybeans that are a byproduct of the soymilk-making process.

The Afghan government was initially skeptical about soybean farming, but eventually approved soy cultivation throughout the country in the previous years after carefully observing the outcomes of several experimental harvests and improvements in the people’s nutritional conditions.

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