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Loya Jirga only solution for current crisis

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2015)

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The head of Afghanistan National Agenda has said that an emergency Loya Jirga is the only solution of the existence crisis in the country.

Ahmad Wali Masood, head of the National Agenda said that the National Unity Government (NUG) has still not formed, and there is no trust between the leaders of the government.

“Two years is much for holding Loya Jirga, The situations and conditions are not good enough and an emergency Loya Jirga must be held as soon as possible. We cannot wait for the worsening of the situation,” Masood said.

Members of the Agenda are said to consider the situation of Afghanistan alarming and said nine months have been passed since its formation but the government is still unbalance.

“There is nothing of a national unity government. The smallest basics of a government have not been observed in this nine months. Afghan people are not entitled to that the agreements sign behind the closed doors,” Masood added.

Keeping the history of the traditional Loya Jirga in view, it comes to know that a ruling leadership in Afghanistan has always convened and held such a jirga.

The loya jirga is an institution deeply embedded in Afghan culture and has played a part in some of the country’s most crucial deliberations of the past century.

The first modern gathering took place in 1747, when tribal leaders chose Ahmad Shah Durrani to lead the modern state of Afghanistan.

A loya jirga is a special type of jirga that is mainly organized for choosing a new head of state in case of sudden death, adopting a new constitution, or to settle national or regional issue such as war

Afghanistan has borne the brunt of decades of foreign intervention and conflict, and as a result is now one of the poorest countries in the world.

For ordinary Afghans, the situation resulting from the war is terrible.

Thousands of civilians have been killed and injured since 2001, human rights are deteriorating and millions of Afghans rely on food aid to avoid starvation.

War on Want is campaigning to demand the UK government withdraws British troops from Afghanistan immediately and to support a political solution under UN auspices based on the Afghan people’s self-determination, security and human rights.
Reported by Farahnaz Forutan

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