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Lower House Summons Finance Minister Iklil

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2015)


Afghan lawmakers have summoned the Minister of Finance in order to provide more details on over the projects which its budgets weren’t released by the Government yet, there is still corruption within some of the projects contractions.

Afghanistan Finance Minister Mohammad Iklil Hakimi said,” US Government has committed to provide 800 million $ till the end of 2016 for Afghanistan.”

He mentioned that out of that 800 million $ , 100 million $ will be included into Afghanistan budget this will resolve some of the existed financial issues.

Mp Ramazan Bashardost said,” contractors are even worse than to wolves, he began blaming Afghan officials for the past 13 years that had done nothing for the goods of the country.”

The other lawmaker Fakor Baheshti said,” there is huge corruption existed within the contracts most of the companies belong to the officials, contracts are dealt.”


Afghan Finance Minister Mohammad Iklil Hakimi has assured that the budgeting issues are resolved, all stopped projects to begin its activities.

He also assured the Mps in the house to combat seriously against corruption and the National Procurementcommittee is to resolve all the issues.

Reported by Abulaziz Karimi


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