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Lower House Summons Afghan Officials behind closed Doors

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2014)


Lower house of the parliament has summoned the National security advisor Anif Atmar and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs over signing of the security agreements with US and NATO behind closed doors on Monday.
Afghanistan National Security Advisor Anif Atmar said,” I have provided much information about the agreements made in between Kabul-Washington for the representatives of the house.”
A number of members of parliament including; Ahmad Behzad, Farhad Azimi, Abdul Qader Zazai are said to consider the security accord a need in the current situation and officials respond is satisfactory for them.
While a number of members of parliament are satisfied with the officials respond but some have negative view in relation to the security agreement.
The national security advisor understands members of parliament concerns but claimed to provide enough information.
The bilateral security agreement between Afghanistan-America signed one day after the swearing ceremony of the national unity government.




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