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Lower House Elects First Deputy Speaker

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2018)

The members of the Lower House of Parliament on Sunday elected Hamayoun Hamayoun as the first deputy speaker on the second round of the Administrative Board Election.

Hamayoun who again nominated himself for the first deputy speaker seat, obtained 110 positive votes and 26 invalid votes.

His rival, Nazir Ahmad Zai received 68 positive votes, 26 invalid votes and failed to win the position.

In the meantime, Muhammad Abdah with obtaining 90 positive votes and 19 invalid votes and the other nominee, Obaidullah Kalimzai with receiving 74 positive votes and 19 invalid votes have failed to secure the required votes to win the second deputy speaker seat.

Under the article 87 of the constitution, the assembly elects from among its members one as the speaker for a five-year term at the start and two members as first and second deputy secretary and another two members as secretary and his deputy for a period of one year at the start of every new session.

After the voting process, the chairman of Lower House, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi called on the lawmakers to nominate for the remained positions of Administrative Board Election.

“Parliament representatives can nominate for the remained positions of second deputy speaker and secretary of the house to finalize the election process,” Ibrahimi said.

The reelected deputy speaker of Parliament, Hamayoun also warned the government to stop obvious interventions in Parliament’s affairs.

He emphasized that the government system has attempted to interfere in the Administrative Board Election, but failed to reach its goal.

President Ghani on Wednesday officially opened parliament’s 8th working year after lawmakers returned from a 45-day winter break.

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