Declining Amounts of Dried Fruits Are Exported Abroad: EPAA

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2017)


Officials at Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan (EPAA), have expressed concern over the declining level of Afghan dried fruit exports. Agency officials have claimed that some individuals continue to export dried fruit products without proper documentation. This lack of documentation discourages purchases of Afghan dried fruit products.

Sayed Azim Mustafa Hashimi, EPAA Chief said, “Some individuals, by using their personal ties and influence, are exporting Afghanistan’s dry fruits to abroad without proper quality documents.”

EPAA official have said that Afghanistan’s dry fruits are of good quality, but due to non-standard packing practices, they are not well known in the international markets.

Economic specialist Qais Mohammadi said, “If we cannot identify the demands of the customers in International markets, definitely the demand for Afghanistan’s products purchasing demands will remain low.”

Afghanistan’s Raisins, Nuts, and Pistachio Walnuts are primarily exported to international markets.

According to the EPAA, 8,000 tons of dried fruits have been exported in within the last nine months, primarily to Russia, India and the European Union. This level of export activity represents a significant decline from the 14,000 tons of dried fruits which were exported from Afghanistan during a similar period in 2015.

Meanwhile, officials from The Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that investors are hesitant to invest in Afghanistan due insecurity, lack of infrastructure, lands and water.

Reported by: Lyda Nayazi

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