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Lottery Held to Determine Candidates’ Positions for Upcoming Parliamentary Election

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2018)

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) held its mandated lottery today to determine where the position of candidates will appear on the ballot papers for the upcoming parliamentary election.

“This process will be transparently conducted in presence of national and international observers, civil society, parties and media monitors in 33 provinces of the country,” Abdul Basi Sayad, chairman of IEC said.

The lottery will be held based on eight zones in eight different groups that every group includes the reader of candidate’s name from the board, the announcer of numbers and inserter of numbers in the computer.

A member of IEC, Hafizullah Hashemi noted that after the lottery and announcement of the final list of voting papers which takes 35 days, the ballot papers will be send for publish.

“We will publish the voting papers outside the country after finalization of the list,” Hashemi added.

It is scheduled that the IEC will prepare and publish the voting papers according to the final list of candidates.

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