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Long term commitments of India bring prosperity for Afghans:Muslimyar

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2016)


Afghanistan’s upper house of the parliament has praised India efforts for changing Afghanistan into a stable and secure country, demanding India to build the electricity dam for Konar River.

Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan has stated that India long term commitments for Afghanistan continues, and will stay with Afghanistan under any circumstances, saying India has the honor building of two big projects in Afghanistan and efforts are underway to launch joint efforts for significant change in the sector of reconstruction in Afghanistan.

India Ambassador to Afghanistan Manpreet Vohra What important has the mutual relationships of Afghanistan- India is our Prime Minister has visited Afghanistan twice in 5 months inaugurating the two biggest projects in Afghanistan, joint efforts of both countries will bring basic changes, and India will stand by Afghanistan.”

Meanwhile head of the senate house Fazel HadiMuslimyar said,” We appreciate the efforts of India in Afghanistan, and we still demand India to build the Konar electricity dam, the following electricity dam will resolve the power shortage of the majority residents of Afghanistan.”

India has implemented two big projects in Afghanistan one is the construction of Afghanistan parliament and the second one is Salama dam which was inaugurated few days back by the participation of Afghanistan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and India Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Herat province, Salma dam costs $270 million and $90 million dollars.

At the end of their session all senators have insisted if India despite of construction efforts to equip Afghan security forces to enable them defending terrorism within their territory.

Reported by Rafi Sediqee


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