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Loan Services to Be Provided for Private Banks: Mili Bank

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2015)


Officials in Bank Mili of Afghanistan have said,” ways of receiving loans for private banks will be paved in order to enable Afghan investors to be capable to compete with neighboring countries.”


Acting head of Mili bank Khisrow Zia said,” we will provide from 100$ million up to 200 $ million loans for private banks and this program will last for coming 3 years.”

During an agreement made in between the private banks and bank Mili to help and enable Afghan businessmen to continue to their investments within the country.

Officials in Bank Mili have also said,” circulation of the money will cause the investments process expanded and create lots of jobs opportunities.”

According to the statements released by the officials in Bank Mili the aim of the program is to bring close the Banks and Businessmen and the following loans will be payable in hundred times.

Meanwhile officials in private banks welcome such decision made by the Bank Mili, but Government of Afghanistan demands the Private bank to pave the ways for businessmen.


Chairman of the Board of private enterprise Rahmuddin Haji Agha said,” Money should be circulated and moved from one hand to other hands this way the investments will be expanded and it will also create jobs opportunities in the societies.”


However the special envoy of the Afghan Government in good Governance Ahmad Zia Masoud said,” this is the beginning of the activity National Unity Government is committed to pave more suitable ways for businessmen to be capable to compete with neighboring countries.”


Based on the information the following loans are accessible in production of Industry, agriculture and extracting of mines.

Reported by Nimatullah Ahmadi

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