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Loads of high-profile corruption cases unattended by the Supreme Court

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2020)

Some of the biggest corruption cases of the high ranking government officials have not been processed; however, the law allows a maximum of six months to finalize a case.

Some of the lawyers believe that ‘keeping the big cases unprocessed’ is questionable, against the law, and shows signs of corruption.

Also, the lawyers, criticizing the Supreme Court’s performance, say that the Supreme Court hasn’t finalized some of the biggest corruption and criminal cases and kept them unattended.

Abdul Subhan Mesbah, the deputy of the Afghanistan Lawyers Union said, “Keeping the cases beyond the legal time frame is corruption, and the barristers keep the cases for bribery purposes.”

Article 101 on punishment law indicates, “The orders such as arresting and summoning are valid up to six months after the date issued, unless the attorney general renew the date.”

Based on information, tens of millions of dollars worth corruption cases, related to foreign and interior security as well as big criminal cases are kept unprocessed under the Supreme-Court.

Zahir Salangi, the Parwan representative in Parliament said, “The people, politicians, and the Afghan media should analyze carefully to know what the Supreme Court is doing?”

Previously, the judiciary, especially the Supreme Court, was accused of not being independent and acting in Ghani’s favour.

Yarbaz Hamidi, an MP said, “All the details of high-profile cases should be shared with the media and the people.”

Recently, the judiciary is accused of not sharing information about their performance.

The media office of the Supreme Court refused to comment on the matter to the Ariana News.

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