Living in Kabul (s) Catastrophic

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2014)


The environment and air pollution in Kabul is catastrophic and the risk of respiratory disease is greatly increased day by day.

Head of the Indira Gandhi Child health Dr Noorulhaq Yosufzia has stated that Government of Afghanistan should seek an alternative for such gradual death penalty.

However the head of the environment protection department in Afghanistan confirmed the miserable life condition of Afghans special the capital citizens, claiming that the executive powerful officials do not care about this issue.

There has been different factors for increasing of the pollution in the capital city of Kabul using of the none quality fuel for transportation, no green parkings,increasing of the muddy roads , using wood and some other materials to keep the houses warm are the main factors for such pollution in the Kabul.

Dr Noorulhaq has also said that by coming winter season we examine scores of children, Men, Women who come for treating due to air pollution in the capital kabul.

Based on the reports Kabul city has been one of the capital cities where experiencing the worst environment condition.

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