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LIorens Farewell Remarks: ‘U.S.-Afghan Partnership Continue to Blossom’

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2017)

The U.S. Ambassador to Kabul, Hugo LIorens in his farewell remarks on Thursday said his country is committed to working with Afghan government and partners across the region to achieve peace in Afghanistan and deny safe havens to terrorists who threaten that goal.

Referring to new U.S. strategy for South Asia, Llorens said there is a unique opportunity to work with Afghanistan to strengthen its embrace of democracy and ensure the holding of timely and credible elections that “genuinely reflect the will of the people.”

“We are also focused on promoting private sector led investment as the surest path to create sustainable economic growth and good paying jobs for Afghanistan’s young work force,” he said.

He, meanwhile, said that the U.S. working in tandem to strengthen public and private institutions, uphold the rule of law, combat all forms of corruption, and bolster the gains made in health, education, and gender equality over the last 16 years. 

Thanking the hospitality of Afghans during serving time as U.S. envoy to Afghanistan, LIorens said: ” I have also been honored to work with our Afghan partners to deepen the Afghan-U.S. partnership, a partnership forged in blood and common sacrifice.”

 “I have been blessed with being given a second opportunity to devote myself to strengthening our two nations’ ties and work toward our shared goals of bringing peace, security, and prosperity to this beautiful land.”

According to LIorens, the vast majority of Afghans are builders who are opposed by “a small and extremist band of people who worship death rather than life and cling to the illusion that through their senseless violence and destruction they can achieve their nefarious ends. “

“But the force of good and life within the Afghan nation is far more powerful than those who stand for death and destruction.”

Despite admitting that there are many challenges and difficult times,  the envoy expressed confidence in the Afghan people and believe in their struggle.

“The American people and indeed all of the good people of this world will stand by you and support you as you build on the gains achieved in the past 16 years,” he said.  

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