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Legal Election Reformation acceptable: IECC

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2015)


Officials in Independent Election Complain Commission (IECC) have said,” legal Election reformation is accepted, they have insisted that illegal demands on reformation within the Election system will be granted.”

Meanwhile the following commission have reviewed more that 100,00 frauds and misusing cases of the permanent and temporary staffs for independent Election Commission.

Establishing of the reformation committee to resolve the Election problems as fundamentally has always been demand of the Election monitoring and supervision institutions, the demands which were rejected by the IEC but IECC officials urged that any legal reformation on Election system will be granted.

IECC Spokesman Nadir Mohsini said,” any legal reformation on the Election system will be granted but not any illegal complains.”

He added that a list of 100,00 Election commission workers whom have been accused for doing frauds was published in our website, the list indicates some of the names of the heads of the IEC whom were involved in doing frauds the final decision will be made by the IEC officials about their destination, they were given sufficient time for their advocacy.

Reported by Fawad Ahmadi

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