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Leaders of Islamic Countries to Gather in Jeddah, Discuss Afghanistan: HPC

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2018)

The High Peace Council (HPC) says an international Islamic conference on Afghanistan will be held within a month in Jeddah city of Saudi Arabia, in which more than 36 Islamic nations would review the ongoing violence in the war-torn country.

According to HPC spokesman Sayed Ehsan Tahiri, the conference will focus on peace and stability in Afghanistan and will be held in the month of July.

The government expects the conference to agree on the recent joint declaration of Afghan religious scholars against the ongoing conflict and suicide bombings in the country.

“My suggestion to the government of Afghanistan is to declare their stand in the conference and asked them that how long we should live like this,” said Baba Jan Seghani, a religious scholar.

This comes a day after a group of Afghan scholars gathered Kabul in a bid to make headway and provide appropriate guidance against extremist forces directly targeting people.

“We are happy with the recent gathering of scholars against suicide attacks,” said Omid, a soldier.

“It was a good decision being taken by the religious scholars,” said Abdul Wali Wadan, a resident of Kandahar province.

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