Lawmakers to visit President Ghani on Cabinet Issues

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2014)


After one week of ultimatum met on introducing of the new cabinet, Mps in lower house of the parliament have decided to visit President Ghani and discuss the issue.

They have claimed that long term delays on cabinet have damaged the whole country system.

Meanwhile the lawmakers have also demanded that the president to attend the session and answer the questions for delays and not introducing of the members for the cabinet.

They have criticized the Afghan Government for long term delays and not establishing of the cabinet.

Head of the security in the house Mirdad Najrabi has demanded soon establishing of the new cabinet and introducing of the members to the parliament.

Yet the National Unity Government to identify its own priorities they should have established cabinet at the beginning of the Government stated the other member of the house Fawzia Kofi.

Dozens of the Mps demanded the President to attend the session and reply to their questions for such delays and not introducing of the members.

Pessimistically Shirwali Wardak said we should be assured that introduction of the new members for the cabinet will take two more months.

Lower house speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi stated that after the Mps visits with president Ghani we will finalize our decision.

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