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Lawmakers Strongly Criticize Afghan-Centered Summit in Russia

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2016)


Afghan Diplomats Not Invited To Participate in Moscow Meeting of Russian, Chinese and Pakistani Officials.

Members of Afghanistan’s Lower House of Parliament reacted strongly to the diplomatic discussions now being conducted in Moscow with Russian, Chinese and Pakistani officials, without the participation of Afghan diplomats. Parliamentary Representatives have urged the Afghan Government not to remain silent on this issue.

Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, the Speaker of the Lower House of the Parliament said, “I ask the Government of Afghanistan not to stay silent, and declare its stance against the tripartite session held in Moscow and [to] launch practical measurements.”

Meanwhile, a number of Parliamentary Representatives have also insisted that any support for the insurgency from any of the nations participating in the Moscow deliberations should be considered as an act of hostility against the Afghan people.

Mirdad Najrabi, Chairman of the Lower House’s Internal Security Committee said “The discussion made in Russia indicates supporting the Taliban to fight Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS in Afghanistan; those who support the anti insurgents of the Government [are] willing to have the war continued in Afghanistan.”

MP Fawzia Kofi said, “It’s a surprise that no one was invited from Afghanistan though the session was about Afghanistan; this indicates the weak side of the Foreign policy that Afghanistan is in escapism.”

Representative Shekiba Hashimi said, “The tripartite session which was held in Russia between Pakistan-Russia-China is counted a clear interference in Afghanistan’s affairs; I ask the President not to stay silent and declare [his] stance [on] the issue.”

Members of the Lower House insisted that most of the countries who are involved in Afghanistan’s affairs aren’t willing to sacrifice their national interests for Afghanistan, and if the policies of the countries in do not change, Afghanistan’s challenges would remain.

Reported by: Rafi Sediqee

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