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Lawmakers Slam Muslimyar for Recent Comments

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2019)

Lawmakers strongly reacted against recent remarks of Senate Chairman Fazel Hadi Muslimyar who recently threatened the election commission to count non-biometric votes.

Mr. Muslimyar, a front-row supporter of President Ashraf Ghani’s electoral team, apologized from his comments after roars on Tuesday.

Speaking at the general session of the House, parliamentarians said Muslimyar’s language of force is against the law and he should apologize from the people of Afghanistan as well.

“How dare Mr. Muslimyar to stand against the law, using his position in the nation’s house against the Independent Election Commission. Electoral commissions must defend from people vote and we are standing behind them,” said Fatima Kohistan, an MP from central Maidan Wardak province.

“I’m telling the chairwomen of the two commissions that you have the support of parliament. Prove your support from the law and we well support you as well. Biometric must separate clean and fraudulent votes,” said Niloofar Ibrahimi, an MP from northern Badakhshan province.

“Mulimyar’s comments from the position of Senate chairman was inappropriate. The election law invalidates non-biometric vote but [Muslimyar] said I will force her father to count it. So, he has spoken beyond the law and should apologize from the people of Afghanistan,” said Mohammad Arif Rahmani, an MP from Ghazni province.

In addition, Mir Rahman Rahmani the speaker of the lower house of parliament said the chairman of senate clearly interfered in election affairs with his remarks.

Mr. Rahmani called on the leadership of the electoral commission not bow under any pressure.

“Mr. Muslimary’s threatening comments was disrespect to the commissions and it is a pity. There must be no interference in the election affairs,” he said.

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