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Last decade marks over 80,000 civilian casualties, Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2020)

The latest statistics by the Independent Human Rights Commission shows that over 80,000 civilian, either killed or wounded, in the last decade in Afghanistan.

The IHR’s annual report, unveiled Tuesday, February 4, says that though the violence graph has reduced by a margin of 45%, compared to 2018, between 2009 and late 2019, around 28,979 civilians have been killed, and 57,844 others have been injured.

The report also indicates that 70,597 people were domestically displaced due to the war.

The IHRC’s findings suggest that the main cause of the civilian casualties are the insurgent groups – the Taliban and the ISIS – and partially, the National Security Forces are responsible as well.

The report categorizes the subjects of the casualties as follows:

  1. The Taliban: 71%
  2. National forces: 14%
  3. ISIS: 5%
  4. Other (unknown forces): 9%

Naeem Nazari, the deputy of the IHRC said, “We just witnessed a reduction in violence, which may probably be as a result of the peace talks. Another main factor could be that the elimination of the ISIS in eastern Afghanistan.”

Based on the report, men have suffered most of the casualties, while children and women are also included in the census.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Defense denies the allegation of its involvement in the civilian casualties.

Fawad Aman, the deputy spokesperson of the MoD, considers the Taliban accountable for most of the civilian casualties.

The IHRC also breaks down the report on a geographical basis as below:

  • Southeastern Zone: 32% (3,453 killed, wounded)
  • Eastern Zone: 21%
  • Central Zone: 20%
  • Northern Zone: 6%
  • Southern Zone 4%

Despite the 45% reduction in violence, 2019 was still a fatal year for the civilians.

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