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Landslide in Takhar kills 3 Afghans

(Last Updated On: August 5, 2014)


Local officials in Takhar province have said that at least 3 members of a family are feared dead and 3 others wounded after a mountainside collapsed causing a massive landslide in Chahe Abb district of Takhar province.

Those who were caught by the catastrophic landslip were from the Chahe Abb district, a part of Zekr Abad Mountain, officials added.

Spokesman of Takhar governor, Sunnatullah Taimori is believed that it will not be the last landslide, saying most of the Takhar villages are facing serious threats.

Taimori noted that officials in the province will not be indifferent and will take serious measures.

Landslide and avalanches are common in the province but are rarely so deadly.

Chahe Abb district of Takhar province, bordering Tajikistan, is one of the most remote areas in the country.

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