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Kunduz Residents Live in Darkness

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2015)

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After Taliban stormed into Kunduz city,they have not only has looted, raped and killed the residents but also destroyed the power substation office of Breshna private company which caused that all the residents to live in Darkness for nights.

Officials in Bershna company have stated that after war hit Kunduz city we have lost the entire Kunduz power station building with the cost of million Afghani,promising that the security condition is good in Kunduz and soon we will lighting up the whole city with high voltage of power.

Kunduz Residents despite of having other troubles having no electricity to lighting up their house on nights have doubled their common life challenges since Taliban had captured this city.

Breshna power private company spokesman Wahidullah Tauhidi said,”we have lost several things in war at Kunduz like 7 cars, one 7 medga vot transformer,furniture,computers, second floor of the building, cables of power were completely destroyed.”

He also added that parts of our properties were destroyed by war,but like power cables and some other necessary things needed were looting by the residents of the area,

Since one week the Kunduz city has been controlling by Taliban militants,the security condition was ruining residents suffering from lack of power in the whole city.

This comes after that Taliban have been engaging fires with Afghan security forces in Kunduz to retake some grounds back which had been controlled by Taliban.

Reported by Nabila Hafizi

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