Kunduz Residents Complain of Irresponsible Armed Individuals

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2017)


Beside insecurities, Kunduz residents complain of increased irresponsible armed individuals and accuse authorities for inattention to act against these bullies.

Amir Khan who is a resident of Khan Abad district claims that a warlord named Nawid has killed two of his family members.

Nawid is accused by the district residents for killing, torturing and even in some cases for sexual harassment of women, but he is protected by government officials.

Khan says,” Jangal Bagh who was the police chief of Kunduz was protecting this person”.

Showing some documents, he claimed that interior minister had ordered police chief to prosecute Naweed, but Jangal Bagh has refused to do so.

Former police chief for Kunduz province, General Qasim Jangal Bagh denied to make a comment about the claims.

But district governor Hayatullah Amiri confirmed the existence of irresponsible armed groups and individuals, adding that all these chaos goes back to the past and is due to the personnel enmity among commanders that have been problematic for some people in some cases.

These come as the interior ministry had promised to launch a disarmament program in the province which has not taken place yet.

Kunduz has had the worse security situation in the north of Afghanistan for the past few years, and there are several districts within the province including Khanabad, where government forces, pro-government militias, illegal armed groups and the Taliban group are struggling for power and control.

By Ali Asghari & Hesamuddin Hesam

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