Kunduz Mistake Won’t be Repeated: MoI

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2015)



Officials in Ministry of interior Affairs have stated that Kunduz mistake wont be repeated promising the Nation that none of the provinces will experience as Kunduz did.

Responsible have mentioned that Kunduz city is in the control of Afghan security forces but still time is needed to clear all the districts and villages out of Taliban presences because Taliban have sheltered the resident’s houses targeting ANSF.

Baharak district of Badakhshan has been cleared out of Taliban, sediqee said.

Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqee said,” we will prevent Taliban activities, this is the main objective of our mission, despite of killing of Taliban senior leaders I have shown them the hell once again.”

Qala Zal, Imam Sahib, Dashti Archi,Chardara are the districts that will be cleared out of the Taliban militants in the second phase of the military operations launched by ANSF sediq sediqee mentioned later.

Mr. Sediqee has stated that the gaps which caused big problems in Kunduz is so clear we have to learn from it, promising the Nation we will not let any other provinces to experience the same thing which Kudnuz did it, I will soon announce that Kunduz city has been cleared out of Taliban militants.

Massacre of civilians,raping cases,looting public interest and Governmental properties,are the main criminal activities which Taliban conducted during some days they stayed in Kunduz city,however Afghans do want those criminals to be executed on the public eyes.

Reported by Bezhan Arian

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