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Kunduz Displaced Women Sexually Abused While Receiving Aid

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2016)

3A number of Kunduz families who were displaced due to ongoing war have come to Kabul seeking safe shelters and waiting to return home safely but they have complained over not receiving aid in the meantime ,claiming that while receiving aid they are being sexually abused by the Governmental officials.

Several displaced Kunduz women who are living in the camp during the interview has told to Ariana News that they are being faced immoral behavior from those who are distributing aids to them.

One of the displaced Women said,” They enter inside the tent and try to have sexual relationships with the women inside the tents on night time.”

“ They distribute the aids to those who have had agreement inside the tents on night times the other displaced women from Kunduz said.”

One man who lives inside the camp said,” If any women are beautiful then she will quickly receives aids, there are dozens other displaced people waiting to receive aids.”

Ministry of Interior Affairs Deputy Spokesman Najeeb Danish said,” We reject that allegation but police forces are there to ensure security for the whole camp.”

The Kunduz displaced residents have also complained from no proper living condition in the camp.

One woman said,” it has been 4 days that we are living inside the tent provided by the Government without mattress, when it gets dark the weather gets cold I have 5 children they can’t bear it.”

But Governmental officials have claimed that sufficient aids has been given to, this comes after that on daily basis hundreds of Afghan migrants are returning home from Pakistan and Iran.

Reported by Bais Hayat 

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