Kot Religious Scholars Declared Jihad against ISIS Militants in Nangarhar

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2017)

2Huge number of the religious scholars, local residents of Kot district of Nangarhar province in gathering has declared Jihad against Islamic State of Iraq-Syria (ISIS) militants who decapitated several residents of the following district and burned dozen houses last year.

The Ulema chief district Mawlawe Mohammad Amin said, “We as Ulema declared Jihad against the arrogance, rebel terrorists, our unity came all the way and we succeeded to have the control part of the District.”

With that the local police forces complained that the senior police officials do not give the privileges.

Local police commander Malik Safeer Khan said, “I pay for the expenses of my local police forces, even sometimes my forces go to mosques to collect some food for other fellow soldiers, the Nangarhar police chief does not provide our food, clothing and some other necessary logistical and military needs in the main time.”

Meanwhile the scholars of the Kot district warned if no attention is drawn for the district the security situation will go worsen.

Nangarhar Governor Mohammad Dulab Mangal said, “I have heard and noted all the remarks of the Kot district scholars, I will soon take practical steps.”

Local officials have also stated that there are several development and progress programs underway for Kot district to revive the damages of last year.

Reported By: Rahmatullah Zairmal

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