Kilft port connects Afghanistan-Turkmenistan re-opens: Balkh local officials

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2016)


Head of the Technical and sectarian in department of commerce and industry in Balkh province sated that studies over reopening of the joint port called Kilft which connects Afghanistan to Turkmenistan began.

The local officials in Balkh province also urged that reopening of the following port will boost the economy and it will grow the exchanging of mutual goods in between the two countries.

Kilft port is located in the west of Balkh province and 90 kilo meter away from the state, the following port was inaugurated when Daud Khan was the king of Afghanistan and mostly the main goods which had been exchanged was gas.

The following decision was made when the Turkmenistan Ambassador has visited Balkh province over the transferring of the gas pipe line called TAPI project.

Head of the technical and sectarian department of commerce and industry of Balkh Zabiullah Akhatari said,” re-opening of the following port will impact positively over all the goods, specially over the gas and oil.”

He also said,” The following port will create 10000 jobs opportunities for the local residents of the area.”

Reopening of the following port comes after that Afghanistan recently has signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding in between India, Afghanistan and Iran on opening of Chabar port.

Reported by Khaybar Ibrahimi


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