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Khoshal khan housing project opening delayed for the future: Nafisa

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Urban development and house have reported that the Khoshal Khan housing project opening delayed due 300 million Afghani not paid by the members of the parliament.

Members of the parliament have criticized those lawmaker for not paying the owes of their housing.

Meanwhile officials in the following Ministry have announced that the following project will be inaugurated in coming months.

They have also urged that Government for not delaying the process has paid $ 40 million dollars.

Ministry of Urban Development and housing Nafisa Nimati said,” Most part of the money should be paid by the lawmakers of the house, if we can’t resolve the following financial issue the project will remain un-opened.”

Lawmaker Hashim Faryabi said,” I want those mps who have not paid their loans yet to act immediately and don’t black mail the Parliament of Afghanistan.”

“I know that a number of the representatives have bought houses, they need to pay their loans as soon as possible Mp Najia Iaimaq said,”

Khoshal khan project is an Governmental project where 8 residential blocks with 5 floors.

Reported by Aslam Hejaab

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