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Khalilzad Eyes Peace Deal With Taliban before 2019 Presidential Elections

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2018)

The U.S. special representative for Afghanistan reconciliation hopes to cement a peace agreement with Taliban armed group before the presidential elections in April 2019.

Speaking to journalists on Sunday in Kabul, Khalilzad said he is “cautiously optimistic” about the peace talks between the Afghan government and Taliban. He said expecting a breakthrough until April of 2019.

Khalilzad also said that the end state of the talks would be “peace and a successful Afghanistan, one that doesn’t pose any threats to itself and to the international community.”

The U.S. diplomat visited Kabul days after holding talks with the Taliban delegation for the second time in Qatar.

Citing a Taliban official and an individual close to the group, the Associated Press reported that the Taliban held three days of talks with Khalilzad in Qatar.

According to the report, the talks included Khairullah Khairkhwa, the former Taliban governor of Herat, and Mohammed Fazl and a former Taliban military chief.

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