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Karzai Rejects Meeting Obama, Holds Only Telephonic Conversation

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2014)


President Hamid Karzai rejected on Sunday night to meet his American counterpart in Bagram airfield in central Parwan province, his office said in a statement only a telephonic conversation took place at the night.

In a surprise visit of Afghanistan, the US President Barrack Obama arrived in Bagram airbase Sunday night aimed at meeting troops in the airfield.

Speaking to troops gathered in an airplane hangar on this sprawling military base, Obama said the war had reached a pivotal point, with Afghan forces assuming primary responsibility for their country’s security. But while many of the 32,800 U.S. forces now in Afghanistan will leave in the coming months, Obama said a continued military presence could help protect gains made during nearly 13 years of fighting.

The Afghan Presidential Palace said in a statement that President Obama through his embassy in Kabul invited President Karzai to meet in Bagram, however President Karzai denied meeting in Parwan rather offered him meeting in the Presidential Palace, Kabul.

But the US Embassy in Kabul denied such an invitation, saying the purpose of American leader’s visit of Bagram was to meet the troops.

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