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Karzai Hopeful of New Government This Week

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2014)


President Hamid Karzai called on both the Presidential candidates to reach an agreement and put an end to the crises to save the war-hit Afghanistan.

President Karzai said these statements in a ceremony commemorating martyr’s week and the martyrdom of National Hero Ahmad Shah Massoud Tuesday in Kabul.

“I am hopeful that both the candidates will reach an agreement today or in next two days,” added Karzai in his speech.

Karzai asked the nation, “Say (to candidates) we won’t let you this way, we want you to be united and we want the new government as soon as possible.”

These statements are expressed as the candidates are yet to reach an agreement on proposed government of national unity.

Abdullah Abdullah has warned to leave political negotiations if his demands were not fulfilled.

Governor of Balkh Atta Muhammad Noor, a strong ally of Abdullah, has also warned they would not accept a government who would come through fraud votes.

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