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Karzai Accuses NUG for National Treason Over ‘MOAB’ Bombing

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2017)


Furious over ‘MOAB’ bombing, former president Hamid Karzia calls the bombing an insult to dignity of Afghan people and national sovereignty violation.

Ex-president Karzai says the bombing was permitted by the government which is a treason.

“I will liberate the country from the terror and aggression of U.S. The country insulted me and we will response them,” Karzai angrily said.

“Those who supports from the ignorance of U.S, the people of Afghanistan will not forgive them,” he added.

However, parliamentarians say that discussions over the issue without a comprehensive investigation are not in the favor of national interest.

“A joint delegation should be appointed to investigate the side-effects, causalities and financial damages of the attack. Only then we would be able to judge fairly,” said Abdul Raouf Ebrahimi, Head of the lower house.

Soon after the attack, Gen John Nicolson, appeared in a presser, cited it was accurately targeted and ISIS cave complexes were the primary aim.

Reported by: Ahmad Farshad Saleh

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