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Kandahar Peace Marchers Call for Ceasefire, Intra-Afghan Dialogue

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2019)

Hundreds of Kandahar residents on Thursday staged a rally in the capital of the province, calling for a ceasefire and intra-Afghan dialogue between the government and the Taliban group.

“We want a peace agreement, we have gathered here for peace and we are calling for a ceasefire,” said Abdul Saboor, a peace activist.

“The people of Loy Kandahar is calling on the Taliban and the Afghan government to stop their military operations under the name of Khalid and Al-Fath,” said Mohammad Ashraf, another peace activist.

Tribal elders, youths, university, and high school students, and other residents of Kandahar province took part in this rally.

“I’m calling on the two sides to hear the voice of the people and bring peace and stability to this country,” said Abdul Hussain, one of the peace marchers.

“We want peace. We don’t want war. We are sick and tired of war. We have lost everything in the war including the lives of our loved ones,” said Abdul Ahmad, another peace marcher.

This comes as a meeting between the Taliban and Afghan politicians which was set to begin on Friday in Doha postponed due to disagreements over participants.

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