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Kamal Khan Water Dam entangled in challenges from Neighbors

(Last Updated On: January 7, 2020)

Civil activists in Nimroz province underline that some neighboring countries have been trying to obstruct the construction of Kamal Khan Water Dam.

Kamal Khan Water Dam is one of the biggest electricity projects in Afghanistan. The dam is to be built over Helmand River in Chahar Burjak district, Nimroz province. Previously in 1966 and 2011, its construction started on and off. Two third of the construction has been completed and is now at its final stage.

In the meantime, some of the civil activists in the province stated that the water dam is more of a political issue for some other countries. They say that the neighboring countries are trying to prevent the construction of this dam.

“This is a political issue. You all will witness the problems incurred by the inauguration of this dam. That is why some of our neighbors are not permitting the construction,” said Mina Baluch, a civil activist.

“The neighboring countries are interrupting in this project,” said Bahram Haqmal, another activist.

Meanwhile, the Afghan government denies all claims and guarantees the completion of the project without any problems.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Water and Energy, Ahmad Seyar Nikzad said in the matter, “we do not confirm any problems or interruption in the project. It will be concluded without any problems.”

“We assure all the people in terms of security. We have a battalion of 400 police troopers ready to defend any guerilla attacks,” said Col Allah Dad, the Provincial Police Chief.

Kamal Khan Water Dam is to be built with a budget of $78 million provided by the Afghan government’s developmental budget scheme. The water dam is expected to produce 9 megawatts of electricity and will irrigate 80 thousand hectares of land.

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