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Kabulis Criticize Mayor, Want Parks

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2014)


The inhabitants of capital Kabul strongly criticize the mayor of Kabul for not building amusement parks and green areas in the capital city.

A number of citizens while interviewing to Ariana News said the Kabul municipality has failed over the past decade to build parks and green areas.

They complained the municipality not only couldn’t build new parks but also failed in maintenance of old parks of Kabul.

“We don’t have sufficient parks, no green areas, no amusement park,” a resident of Kabul said.

Another inhabitant in Babur Garden of Kabul said, “See the condition of this park, no sign of maintenance is here.”

The Kabul Municipality, however, admitted shortcomings in building parks. The officials said efforts were underway to build five parks in the Kabul city.

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