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Kabul to host Afghan-Turkmen economy summit

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2016)

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Officials in Ministry of Finance have stated that Kabul will host a joint economy summit in between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan in the future and the aims to  strengthen the mutual trade ties in both countries.

after several sessions held in between the officials of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan on mutual trade development the recent visit of an Afghan envoy to Turkmenistan has paved the ways for the implementation of 21 development projects in Afghanistan.

Ministry of Finance spokesman Ajmal Abdul Rahimzai said,” soon we will be the eye witness of 21 development projects to be implemented in Afghanistan, which includes rail way, educational scholarships, and power energy.”

he added the officials from Turkmenistan will soon come to Kabul for further discussion on boosting joint economy.

“sixth economy summit in between Kabul and Turkmenistan will be held in Kabul, the agenda of the summit will be trade deals in between the two countries  Ajmal Abdul Rahim zai spokesman of Ministry of Finance said.”

based on the officials quotes the current trade deals of the two countries reaches into 1 $ billion annually, Afghanistan is exporting dry fruits, marbles and instead Turkmenistan exports Gas and Fuel to Afghanistan.

Reported by Maroufa Zaki  




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