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Kabul to host 6th joint session on development projects

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Finance have reported that Afghan- Turkmenistan officials to attend a joint gathering in Kabul to discuss the 21 development projects which to be implemented in Afghanistan where Turkmenistan will be benefited.

They have also mentioned that in the slide side of the session the Aqina railway will also be inaugurated.

Ministry of Finance Spokesman Ajmal Hameed Abdul Rahimzai said,” Turkmenistan is counted one of the donor countries for Afghanistan, they are trying to implement some of the development projects in the country.”

He went on and mentioned that Turkmenistan is trying to implement development projects where the benefit goes to both countries.

Meanwhile officials in chamber of commerce and industry has declared the following session important.

Chamber of commerce and industry Spokesman Saim Persalia said,” Turkmenistan is one of the important countries and has supported development projects and played important role in boosting Afghanistan’s economy.”

The preparation for the 6th session in Kabul comes after that Turkmenistan to implement the biggest project called TAPI which comes from Turkmenistan,goes by Afghanistan- Pakistan and reaches to India.

Reported by Nabila Hafizi


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