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‘Kabul Siege’ Will Be Broken Soon: Barmak

(Last Updated On: January 16, 2018)

The Afghan security forces will break the siege of Kabul which is said to be created by mobile terrorist groups, a senior Afghan official said Tuesday.

“Even if Kabul has been under the siege of mobile terrorist groups, this siege will be eliminated,” said Wais Barmak, the minister of interior affairs at a press conference in Kabul.

According to a new security plan for the Capital Kabul, three security belts will be created to prevent terrorist incidents and threats.

On January 14, during an interview with CBS News, President Ashraf Ghani in response to a question about civilian causalities in Kabul City said: “we are under siege.”

Mr. Barmak also announced that police have detained the suspects which fired a rocket over Kabul city on Monday night.

“Three individuals who were involved in firing a rocket over Kabul City last night have been detained during an operation by police special units,” he said.

Meanwhile, experts criticize the government for insecurities, saying the security officials are busy with political tensions.

“The government leaders are involved in racial issues, they are not paying attention to the security issue,” said Ahmad Saidee, a political commentator.

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