Kabul senior police officers replaced

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2015)

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Police chief of Kabul, Abdul Rahman Rahimi has replaced Kabul’s key police officers and a number of battalion commanders in an army command on Monday following the recent allegations insecurity increased in the country.

Rahimi moved the key officers out in a command to control troops in the country and put new officers and commanders in active posts at the Afghanistan headquarters.

Police chief of Kabul is said to consider Taliban’s rise to plan bloody attacks in Kabul faced failure.

While introducing 17 new police officers for Afghan headquarters, Rahimi urged them to do more efforts to provide better security in the country.

“The twenty seven security officials who introduced today are included police officers and battalion commanders. I hope the new professionals to succeed in providing the security of country.” Police chief of Kabul, Abdul Rahman Rahimi said. “Taliban had always tried to insecure the country, but Afghan security forces are always ready to fight against any terrorist group.”

Rahimi stressed that there is no difference between the Islamic State (IS) group and Taliban and Afghan troops are ready to fight against any opposite groups.

He also noted that he hopes the negotiation process with Taliban will have a positive result and led to end violence in the country.

Afghanistan is in a terrible situation as the Taliban remains strong, Daesh appears in some parts of the country and the fact ex-warlords are in the new government of the country is not much better.


Reported by Fawad Naseri


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