Kabul Revolutionaries on 3rd of Howt aimed to defend independence, religious, humanitarian values: AMHF

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2015)

AFGHN-13202; Afghanistan; 1980

Afghanistan Martyrs Heir’s Foundation (AMHF) celebrated the 3rd of Howt, Kabul revolutions against Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Sayed Qasim Muzafari head of AMHF said,” The main goal of revolutionaries in 3rd of Howt was to defend our independence, religious and humanitarian values; therefore, All Afghans jointly stood against the Soviet Forces in Afghanistan”.

On 3rd of Howt Kabul revolutionaries began an aggressive offensive against Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan in 1979 in which thousands of Afghans were killed and injured.

A number of Kabul residents who were arrested by Russians during the revolutions says that people gathered from across Kabul saying “Allah is great” and they entered the Presidential Palace and clashed with governmental forces.

The Participants asked the National Unity Government of Afghanistan to fulfill their commitments they have made during Presidential campaigns that they respect the Jahid and Martyrs values.

The Soviet war in Afghanistan lasted over nine years from December 1979 to February 1989.

Reported By: Abdul Aziz Karimi

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