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Kabul Residents Tired of Seasonal Pollution: MPs

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2016)

3The members of the lower house of the parliament have summoned Minister of Commerce and Industry, Acting mayor, and chairman of the protection of the environment department for increasing of pollution in Kabul city on Saturday to provide more details over the issue.

Criticizing significantly increasing of pollution in Kabul, MPs urged that there is no plan and policy to decrease the pollution.

Member of the house Ubaidullah Ramin said, “ none quality of fuel, increasing of garbage’s and pollution in the capital city of Kabul have caused severe illness, where most of the cancer disease is coming from the pollution, demanding the Government to in place a sophisticated policy to decrease pollution.”

“Kabul mayor is responsible to protect the environment, people do need healthy environment,” Law maker Zakaria Zakaria said.

Meanwhile Minister of Commerce and Industry Humayon Rasa stated that based on the law the quality of fuel is coming into Afghanistan is the responsibility of the Afghan National Standards authority Standard Bureau, but we continue to cooperate to protect environment according to our authorities.

He said, “Based on the Law the  Afghan National Standards authority is tasked to control the quality of fuel, if we are asked to do controlling we are will launch necessary measurements.”

“We will not have protected and healthy environment unless huge amount of investments is to be made over controlling of the pollution and sources causing pollution in Afghanistan.” Chairman of the protection of the environment Shahzada Mustafa Zaher said.

Acting Mayor of Kabul city Abdullah Habibzai said, “20 years of strategic plans to protect the environment of Kabul has been designed, efforts are underway to implement the plan soon.”

Increasing of pollution in Kabul cause hundreds of the Kabul residents including women and children to plug with different diseases, where dozens of the ills specially the children lose their life due to severe pollution, most of the Kabul residents using firewood to keep the houses warm in winter season.

Reported by: Rafi Sediqee


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